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Sweating is as essential to health as eating and breathing. It provides many benefits. A good sweat helps rid the body of wastes, and keeps the skin clean, pliant and soft.

In the roof top of ISC we have a fully equipped Gymnasium. In addition to free weights and strength training stations, this fitness room contains state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipments, a new elliptical machine, stationary bikes and rowing machines.

We also have a steam room aiding relaxation. The moist heat of a steam room expels toxins from the body and is also said to help asthma and allergy sufferers by unblocking the respiratory channels and helping you to breathe with greater ease. Our steam room is maintained at 88°C and features fragrant oils ensuring the ultimate relaxation experience.

Members can tone up their body muscles and rejuvenate or sweat out superfluous body fat and discover the fresh self within